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42 acres of rolling hills

4,200+ SQ FT 
Mediterranean Style Home

Horse barn + trails

Within 30 mile TMZ Los Angeles

Ancient Oaks at Russo Ranch in Simi Valley, California is your perfect Tuscany Oasis. With 42 acres of rolling hills, we have beautiful land and views unique to Southern California. The 4,200+ square foot Mediterranean Style home has a gourmet kitchen, large rooms and pool with a slide. The horse barn and private trails are available for exclusive access to surrounding acres. Russo Ranch is within county limits which provides additional versatility and convenience for filming options. 
Our base camp and crew parking areas provide secluded space for staff while also being hidden by the hills and out of camera shots. The possibilities with this open, private space are endless. 

4760 Tapo Cyn Rd Ariel 42 acres .png


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